Who We Are


We dreamed of a different kind of "content agency" - one that could exist somewhere between the worlds of editorial and advertising. We wanted to create stories that could move the bottom line but also move communities, and we wanted to explore work that would bring forward the talents of our colleagues in a new and refreshing way. And so Citizen was created.      

We are a collective of storytellers working across creative platforms to build community through content and conversation. Our network of creatives includes journalists, filmmakers, writers, designers, photographers, and more. We come from backgrounds in fashion, luxury, art, design, photojournalism, platform development, social media publishing, community organization and urban planning, and - of course - advertising.

And, more than anything, we want to make stories that matter.

What We Do


Well, almost (we hired a bookkeeper). But, combining our vast experience in strategy, creative, and production, we’ve helped new brands launch, we've helped traditional brands to reposition in the modern market, and we've helped to unite communities across shared values through rich conversation online. We’ve been especially successful making compelling stories beyond “commercials” in digital and social media channels (although we still love print and broadcast).

We've built content labs for cities, non-profits, brands and ad agencies, and we have created stories for them that have won awards from Cannes to Vimeo’s coveted Staff Picks. We love beating ad blockers, and most of all, we love bringing people together.

Besides all that strategizing, directing and producing, we have a proven track record of watching the audience analytics, so we can understand what content's most effect and where, and we're able to optimize accordingly. From content strategy to creative concepting and execution, we are a one-stop Content Lab.

What We’re Working On

  • An international tourism campaign that includes strategy and creative development, as well as the production of film, photography, social content, and off-the-beaten path travel itineraries for the states and territories of the USA, supporting 1 in every 18 American jobs employed by the travel and tourism industries.

  • Another international initiative including strategy and creative development for a philanthropic investment group seeking to improve and expand water and sanitation services in Central America by empowering locals to build and manage their own water systems at fair and equitable rates.

  • A national campaign including strategy and creative development, in addition to production of digital and social content to build community for a creative startup.

  • Creative development and production of films and photography supporting local entrepreneurs and makers in the USA.

  • A collaborative workspace that enables would-be makers to become trade-based entrepreneurs.

  • And we're working on a podcast about all of this, plus a lot of other things we're curious about!

It Takes A Village

We ask "why" more than most three year olds. It helps us to make better strategic recommendations and it helps us to tell better stories: stories that resonate on an emotional level and allow audiences to feel that they've gotten something from the experience. 

Beyond that, we have a lot of exceptional friends, and we love to collaborate. We stay close to our creative community, we talk constantly about their interests, and we participate in their experiments. We pay attention to the stories that resonate with different audiences in various channels. We listen to brands and get a real sense of their special story and what they offer to the community. And then we connect the dots.

Why We Do It

We want to reduce the meaningless noise of advertising.

We want to help make stories that show us something new, that create conversations and bring people together in a very genuine way. We want to make stories that matter. Stories that inspire, that show us a little beauty where we previously saw none. Stories that shine a light on real people and strengthen the community like a good citizen would.

We want to build a community in the process: one that is good for us and for the world around us. And that’s how we got our name.





777 Nameless Ave
New York, NY 00000


+1 555 555 5782