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Shoot Diary: Suttons Bay, MI

Alberto, Dylan, Ramsay and "Sound Mark"

Alberto, Dylan, Ramsay and "Sound Mark"

It was a pretty windy, overcast day in Northern Michigan. That morning, we shot an interview up in Northport with the incredibly kind, JoAnne Cook, who shared her perspective on this beautiful part of the world.

We were making our way down state to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore to capture some stunning footage of the coast. It was probably the giant lunch and the warmth of the car, but we were all feeling pretty sleepy. Maybe it was just the lack of general sleep while being on the road. Fortunately we were alert enough while driving along HWY 204 to spot the 9 Bean Rows Bakery in Suttons Bay, MI with its massive pumpkins. Of course we had to stop.

I'm pretty sure Alberto wanted to just get a shot of himself to send to his wife. Ramsay never missing a photo opp quickly joined the shot. Dylan was waved over, and I can distinctly recall him saying, "I don't want to do this," as he begrudgingly squatted into the shot.

It still makes me laugh when I see this shot.