Citizen Brand & Story Lab is a creative agency that specializes in making impact through strong branding, design, and storytelling.

You’re going to meet a whole lot of people in this life. You won’t always remember their names, But you will remember their story and the way they made you feel. That's where we come in.


We love a good story!


Our Services

Like a good citizen, we’re here to help.


Identity & Guidelines

To create a unified look and feel for your organization, we’ll workshop with you to develop the best logo, color palette, and typography to suit your brand’s purpose, and we’ll provide guidance on how to use it across all verticals.


Story Strategy

This is your Go-To-Market strategy: the overarching “what to say, when to say it, where to say it, and (of course) how to say it” plan to achieve your goals and effectively reach your audience, from campaign strategy to publishing strategy.


Story Creative

This is the Creative Direction to make your story through film, photography, written content, or place. We handle campaign development, content creation, event design, and bringing your retail or commercial design vision to reality.


Production Management

Here we manage all the moving parts that get us from idea to output. We have the best team of collaborators out there. Seriously. Together we make magic happen.

Our Stories

Gather Round.