Ask a Local

Ask a Local

A Content Series to Promote US Communities



More than 1/10th of the US population works in an industry supported by travel and tourism.

That’s a lot of people depending on the willingness of others to traverse the globe to experience something new and special in their neck of the woods! One of the key requirements in supporting tourism is presenting a safe and welcoming environment; the other is presenting bang for your buck — a wide range of possible experiences within a given area.

We worked with Brand USA to develop a content series that presents US destinations as their most authentic and welcoming selves: through the eyes of the locals. We all know it’s better to experience things recommended by those in-the-know, and we wanted this series to feel like a friend prepping you for a visit. Each episode takes us to several locals around a state, and they each share with us their recommendations on what to do and see to experience their real hometown.


Working in a documentary style, where we captured the unexpected and kept the real human actions of the locals we profiled, bloopers and all, lended to the authenticity of each story.

No actors were harmed in this process!


The content series now includes 3 seasons of films, ‘Gram-able photography and storied captions, live Instagram stories, social media ads including interactive Canvas units, paid social media targeting strategy, cutdowns and trailers, cinemagraphs, print ads, and written itineraries that are also print-worthy (if we do say so ourselves)!


To date, we’ve had the opportunity to support tourism in 37 US communities.