Spirit Song

Spirit Song

A Celebration of Native American Communities

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There are more than 570 Native American tribes within the United States, and every single one of them has an incredible story.

Many of them today are focusing on tourism as an economic foundation, but through cultural exchange, not casinos (online gambling kind of changed the game). The awesome thing about this is that it promotes the very traditions and art forms that were nearly lost due to centuries of forced relocation, and it makes each of those tribal stories a real asset to be celebrated and shared by all in the community.


To help promote travel to the sacred Indigenous lands within the United States, we created a film around a special musical project that involved the stories of the elders from several prominent tribes. We also traveled to a few of these sacred sites and met with the elders, artists, and other community members to get a sense of how the traditional stories and songs are evolving in the 21st century.


This film was created in partnership with BrandUSA and AIANTA to celebrate the Native American cultures across the US, as part of their mission to encourage travel and cultural exchange.

We were honored to be an official selection at this year’s American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs with Spirit Song, and to have it listed as an official selection at the Lindsey Film Festival.


You can catch the full film on GoUSA TV, and here’s the official description:

In 2018, a young Native American flautist named Gareth Laffely miraculously gathered together some of the greatest minds in Western music to create an album that would celebrate the stories and wisdom of the Native elders and act as a sign of unity between cultures. Featuring acclaimed actor Wes Studi as narrator; the Skywalker Symphony and the renowned mixer Leslie Ann Jones from Skywalker Sound; members of the Muscle Shoals Swampers; John Zoltek, conductor of Glacier National Symphony; renowned pianist/producer Lance Bendiksen; the producer of every single Bruce Springsteen album, Toby Scott; and the stories from the indigenous nations of North America, Voices of the Guardians is a one-of-a-kind musical experience. We spoke with the artists involved, along with the artists and elders from 5 North American tribes, to understand how song unites us all.