Brand Workshops


Once you have a product or service offering in mind, it's time to get it out there into the world, and we LOVE to help with that! We work with you to build the personality of your company, which helps guide everything from the stories you tell about your offering to the words and images you use. 



This is where we establish your brand personality and voice. We identify your place in the world by identifying your audience, positioning and competitive advantage. And then we plan your unique go-to-market strategy.


You need a logo and color palette, but you also need a social avatar and guidelines for your fonts, photography, and other visual cues that represent your brand to the world.

Content Strategy


Who doesn't like a good story? It's what connects us to the past, to places, and to other people - even the most unexpected connections come from gathering around the campfire and shooting the breeze.

 Once we've got your brand sorted out, we can help you build and engage with your community online through the right storytelling, in the right places.



Once we've established your brand positioning, we can develop a plan for how to build your community and connect with your market across channels. This is where we figure out where best to connect with your intended audience, and this plan will help you prioritize where to invest in content and communications.  Do you need Facebook and Twitter, or is a website adequate? We'll sort it out together here.


What do you need to say, to whom, and in what quantity? Are you building a community through lifestyle tips, or a straight product push? Do you need to talk about heritage or special interests? We'll figure it all out here and end up with a nice index of content topics and the appropriate ratios for content per channel.



Can you put the same thing on Instagram and Facebook, or should it be different? Maybe it's the same topics addressed differently? Here we'll build guidelines and strategies for how to get the most out of your content and tell your story in the best way possible for each audience, in each channel. (This is also known as right content/right time/right place/right audience.)

Content Creative


This is when we get ridiculously excited! Now that we know the content strategy for your story, let's get into the specifics of the content we'll make to get you out there into the world.


Campaign strategy

Here we generally put together a couple of creative territories, which is a fancy advertising way of saying we give you options for how you'd like your campaign to tell your story. You'll work with us to refine your preference, and we'll build on from there.


This is the visual and tonal path we set to execute the strategy. It could lead to a documentary-style or a fantastical execution, but it will be precisely directed to accomplish your goals. We'll work through film, photography, written content, social plans and digital content and pull together the best team to execute the vision.

Creative brief

This is how we communicate the creative strategy and direction to the people who will work to execute it. It could be written for seasoned commercial crews or artists who've never done commissioned work before, but we'll explain what we need in a way that works best for them and you. (This kind of thing can also be distributed to the public for User-Generated Content or to influencers for mass campaigns.)

Content Production


We don't just design and direct the stories. From start to finish, we manage the team that can most effectively put together a quality product for you to share with your community.